Friday, 29 June 2012

Rolling Through The Isles

On the road again

Ted Simon, Motorcycling road trip pioneer and acclaimed writer of the inspirational book 'Jupiter's Travels' is back in the UK this summer for the launch of his latest book 'Rolling Through The Isles'.

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Take a deep breath - French breathalyzer law

The French deliver a 'blow' for sobriety

There has been some confusion so far about the new law coming in in France which states that all motor vehicles (apart from mopeds) must carry a single use breathalyzer at all times.

Although the law will come in on the 1st of July it will not be enforced until the 1st of November 2012, so there is a period of grace in which to buy one, or preferably two, of these delightful little accessories for your bike if you are going to France in the foreseeable future. In a nutshell, although the law will come in this weekend, the police will not actually start fining people for not carrying a breathalyzer until 1st of November this year.

A Ferry Full of Bikes IOMTT

Another Wemoto staff member was at the Isle of Man TT this year - here's her story and some brilliant, very atmospheric photos she took....

How did you get to the Isle of Man TT this year?

I went to the Isle Of Man overnight on Friday night arriving on Saturday in time for the first race day. I travelled on a brilliant ferry full of bikes! Looking over from the side of the ferry once I had boarded, all I could see was a never-ending line of bikes waiting to get on. It looked like far too many to ever manage to board one small ferry! Like a Noah's Ark filled with motorcycles...

Friday, 22 June 2012

Staff Bikes Workshop - Wheel Polishing

Most people buy polishing kits to do up all the shiny bits on their custom rides – as soon as Wemoto got these in to stock I grabbed one to sort out my Aprilia Pegaso '97 wheels.


Wednesday, 20 June 2012

VMCC Festival of 1000 bikes

 VMCC Festival of 1000 - or even 1349 bikes!

Mallory Park is girding its loins ready for the Vintage Motorcycle Club's Festival of 1000 bikes which will be held on July 6th-8th. Despite its name, this year the festival in fact has 1349 bikes lined up for the public track

Thursday, 14 June 2012

TT Tales

TT Tales or Kneen as Mustard!

Some intrepid Wemoto staff ventured forth to the Isle of Man TT this year to watch the Wemoto Marks Bloom sponsored rider Dan Kneen in action in his own manor. Here's what happened over there....

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Britalian Job

Rule Britalia

The Britalian Job is a new short film released today by Mini to celebrate BMW's partnership with Team GB and ParalympicsGB at the 2012 games.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Bikes from bar up for sale

Up the Ace's sleeve 

Eddie Rickenbacker was one of America's greatest WW1 fighter aces and a Congressional Medal of Honour winner and had a famous bar and grill in San Francisco named after him.  The bar's founder, Norman Hobday aka 'Henry Africa' sounds like a Humphrey Bogart kind of character who was either an army veteran, a former merchant marine or an escaped Legionnaire - depending on who its telling the tale...
Henry Africa, in a quest for originality, firstly invented the Lemon Drop Martini, and then  decided to make his bar more interesting by acquiring an old Indian motorcycle as a piece of cool decor.  Once he'd stationed it on the bar he saw what a crowd-pleaser it was, so he went on to adorn his bar with 30 more beautiful vintage motorcycles. These bikes festooned the bar, hanging from the ceiling, lining the walls and posing in the window. Presumably he had to stop at that to leave some room for paying customers!

Bikes under the hammer - read on...

Friday, 1 June 2012

Interesting Visitors - Suzuki Katana

We managed to ambush the owner of this fantastically well kept Suzuki 1100 Katana when he visited the showroom for parts.

He kindly let us take some photos.
 An '83 launch bike registered in '85, many of the parts are original and it's in great condition for its age.

Wasn't long before the warehouse and office staff came out to have a gander.