Thursday, 30 August 2012

More from Wemoto at the Manx

500cc Classic Grand Prix

The 500cc Classic Grand Prix opened the racing at the Manx Grand Prix yesterday on Wednesday 29th, followed by the Formula Classic.  Riders were, as usual warned that there might be a few showers so to keep their eyes open for damp patches. From the start Ryan Farquhar on his Paton was away out in front and controlled the race all the way through. He was already riding with a 20 second lead ahead of Olie Linsdell by the first timing point at Glen Helen with Chris Palmer behind them on his Matchless in third place.

Palmer's opening lap timed at 22:41:58 which kept him in Podium position just a couple of seconds behind Linsdell.  Farquahar pulled in to the pits on the opening lap with a lead of a minute and 12 seconds which he had increased to 44 seconds by the second lap.

Roy Richardson who had been giving them a run for their money, retired at Hawthorne, leaving Farquhar - who had a final race time of: 1:27.10.91 – (102.198mph), Palmer and Linsdell, to take the top three podium positions.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Brake-neck speed

World Superbike Championship - Great race results:


Silverstone, August 5th, 2012


BMW Motorrad Italia riders brought home an excellent performance at SIlverstone earlier this month.  Fabrizio and Badovini finished second and third in race one at the British round of the World Superbike Championship - securing their best results of the season so far! Good work.       

Brno, August 26th, 2012

Good performances were also seen by the young French rider Johann Zarco in the very competitive Moto2 class. At the Czech Republic
round in Brno, Zarco finished seventh, confirming his skill and lot of potential. Team JiR's choice to invest in young talented riders is proving to be a wise one so far.

What do they have in common?

Both Team BMW Italia and Team JiR use WRP Brake Pads on all their
bikes giving them the confidence to go for speed knowing they can rely on their brakes 100%.

WRP Brake Pads are stocked by Wemoto

Beyond The Bend

Waste not want not

The world's first waste-powered motorcycle was revealed on Wednesday by Toto (no, not the dog from The Wizard of Oz - this story is odd enough already without that), Japan's most famous toilet manufacturer!  Toto's spokesman Kenji Fujita assured worried reporters that the rider shown here riding the bike in a Tokyo suburb, did not provide the 'gas' instead the biogas which powers it comes from livestock waste and sewage - lovely.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

All's going well at IOMGP despite 'damp patches'

In the end on Saturday...

Despite dire weather,and the usual 'damp patches' and 'poor visibility' warnings - the newcomers races on Saturday went ahead only an hour later than scheduled - pretty amazing considering the threatening fist of weather hanging over the Island earlier in the day.

As is usual on the Isle of Man - some motorcycling history was made on Saturday by a newcomer Kamil Holan, who became the first rider from the Czech republic to win when he triumphed in the Newcomers A race on the Mountain Circuit.  After this came the Newcomers B Supertwin race in which Andrew Dudgeon came a roaring first and the Newcomers C Lightweight was won in great form by James Cowton from Yorkshire.

Monday, 27 August 2012

Boys, Toys and Motorcycles

Bonjour Wemotofrance

Nick and his family live in France and run Wemotofrance happily and successfully - here, in the words of the man himself - is a little story about what happened as they prepared to leave Brighton and head off for sunnier climes and a new life in France..

Saturday at IOMGP


Wemoto arrived on the Isle of Man on Saturday to drop in to the Jurby
Festival before exploring the island and checking out the course and all the fantastic scenery.

The weather was atrocious and it looked as though all was lost for Saturday's races with heavy rain and terrible thick fog reducing visibility and creating dangerous conditions for racing in the afternoon.  But then miraculously the rain stopped and the fog lifted and the course dried up enough by the evening in time for the newcomers race and practice session to continue as planned. Lucky the races are all in the evening!

Let's hope the weather at the Jurby Festival on Sunday was lovely and a good time was had by all - a full report on that will be coming up soon!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Athena Dragster on the podium!


A few months ago the international Italian-French Athena Parts team began a project to make an Athena Dragster to race on the 150 metre track at the Scooterpower weekend event in Salbris, France on July 21-22nd.  Here's how they got on...

Manx GP practice - Conditions are good!

The outlook was good for Wednesday!


Oh yes! Finally, predominantly good conditions reigned all round the track ahead of Wednesday's Manx Grand Prix practice, only marred by some little damp patches on the road, but nothing compared to the fog and boulders of previous days!  Not surprisingly there was a little cross wind at - you guessed it - windy corner, but it would be almost disappointing if there wasn't with a name like that!

Classic Superbike Session



Classic Superbike riders were able to opt for the earlier sessions, as the speed differentials were minimal, so Michael Dunlop and Andy Lawson got the sessions going - with Ryan Farquhar posting the fastest time to Glen Helen with an average speed of 120.449mph.  Unfortunately though, the session had to be red flagged at 6.45pm so that Adam Nix, a newcomer who had crashed at Sarah's Cottage, could be taken to hospital - happily he was reported as being conscious after the accident.

Once the session was restarted Jamie Coward achieved the two fastest times of the week on his 600cc Yamaha with 119,530mph and 116.410mph. These put him firmly ahead of Irishman Wayne Kirwan (115,796mph) Mike Minns (113,663mph) and Stephen McKnight from Dromore in the Junior class with an average speed of 112,572mph


Can't beat the  Classics

Russ Mountford came out fastest In the Classic machines class with a time of 112,447mph, but Wemoto sponsored Marks Bloom racer Dan Kneen (110,360mph) and Wemoto sponsored John Barton (108,830mph) both posted great times.


The newcomers were managing good times too, Sweden's Bjorn Gunnarsson achieved a very respectable 107,970mph, Dean Roberts 106,940mph and Antrim's John Simpson of Spitlath Redmond posted his fastest time of the week with 106,6mph on his Triumph 675.

Speedy SuperTwins

Ulster'sTrevor Fergusson nipped up to the top of the SuperTwin session with a recorded speed of 106,8mph.

The evening practice session tonight, Thursday 23rd, will be starting at 6.20pm for Senior, Junior, SuperTwin and Newcomers A, while the Classic, Classic Superbike, Junior Post Classic, Lightweight and Newcomers B&C are due out at 7.05pm.


And the weather is looking 'moderate or good'!

Here is the shipping forecast for the Isle of Man for the next couple of days - doesn't look too bad - just ignore that 'occasionally poor' bit, they're just being a little pessimistic!

24 hour forecast from 12 noon Thursday 23rd:
Southwest 4 or 5 backing southeast 3 or 4.
Sea State
Slight or moderate.
Occasional rain.
Moderate or good, occasionally poor later.
Outlook for the following 24 hours:
Southeast 3 or 4 backing east 4 or 5, then backing north or northwest 5 or 6 later.
Sea State
Slight or moderate.
Rain at times.
Moderate or good, occasionally poor.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

ManxGP practice the story so far...

Due to the weather, following the Isle of Man's terrible wet summer, things have been a bit slow to get under way for the Grand Prix practice race week - here's how its looking so far... 


It all started so well on Monday - almost an on-time start and weather looking as good as could be expected with fair conditions so far on the Mountain Course.

Unfortunately though that promise of clear weather did not hold up and the fog closed in and thickened up almost as soon as the opening lap had started until visibility was down to about 15 metres.

Sadly because of the low visibility and dangerous blustery conditions the riders were only able to get one lap under their belts before the session was pulled at the Grandstand by the Clerk of the Course Phil Taubman. However a little after 7.30 he let the second session leave but the riders could only ride to Parliament Square where they were then escorted over the mountain through the fog by marshals in a speed controlled session - better than nothing though and the short lap does count as a qualifier.

Dan Kneen on ’85 Suzuki XR69′s and John Barton on his ’85 Suzuki GSXR managed their Classic Superbike session while Ryan Farquhar, Olie Linsdell, Alan Oversby and Chris Palmer all went out in the Classic 500cc session.

Altogether a pretty frustrating evening following the lack of practice on Saturday but things began to look up on Tuesday and at last they were able to get going and get some bendy Isle of Man miles under their belts.


Last night the Manx Grand Prix practice week finally had good weather and some of the practices were at last able to take place without being rained or fogged off!

In the Superbike practice it was Ryan Farquhar who reigned supreme on his Suzuki XR69 clocking up a lap speed of 107.560mph which left him ahead of the other contenders. Michael Dunlop and wemoto sponsored Manxman Dan Kneen will have to catch him up next week in the real deal.

The riders in the 500 Classic class which had been curtailed due to  fog on the mountain on Monday night, finally got a chance to have a full practice session on Tuesday and Olie Linsdell came out fastest.

Practice will continue on Wednesday evening (that's tonight) at 18.20 BST.  The weather forecast for today is mainly dry and bright with just a few little showers flying in on the west/south west wind and it is about 17C so quite pleasant really. Enjoy it if you are there!

Monday, 20 August 2012

Raring to Go! The Manx GP practice is starting!

Ready Steady Go!

Things are gearing up for the spectacular Manx Grand Prix as the practice week gets under way and the riders limber up!

The first practice night on Saturday got off to a bit of a bumpy start due to a lack of marshalls on the night.
There were concerns about the Snaefell Mountain Road, as the road had only been reopened on Saturday lunchtime after closure due to a landslide caused by the flooding.

This meant that practice had to be limited to the newcomer's controlled speed lap and in the end about 50 riders took the course about an hour later than the planned start time of 17:20 BST.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Oh Man!

Manx Team smashes Land-Speed record!


Star light, star bright,
The first star I see tonight;
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish I wish tonight

And their wish was granted - with a little effort on their part too!


Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Dan Kneen at the Ulster Grand Prix

Manxman Dan is back in the saddle

Picture by Pacemaker Press Internation
After making a full recovery from back injuries sustained in a smash at the Isle of Man TT in June, Wemoto sponsored Dan Kneen was back and riding well at the Ulster Grand Prix last weekend. After 8 weeks off to recover, he came back in full fighting form and bagged plenty of great finishes in Ulster, increasing his personal best lap around the 7.4 mile venue to 129.401 mph - obviously no confidence problems being back on the track after his time off!  

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Dawn to Dusk

Dawn to Dusk is one of the toughest and longest Enduro events in the UK - so if you really want to test yourself and your bike then it's the one to try!

The event is set in the Vale of Neath in South Wales on the 'Walters Arena' mountainside course and has been running now for 11 years. The site itself was formerly a working open-cast mine and has been landscaped to transform it into the 16-18 mile trail used for the enduro event. Don't make the mistake of thinking that 'landscaping' is anything to do with Groundforce or Charlie Dimmock - you are guaranteed to need all your skill, strength and wits to negotiate the course and getting very wet and muddy are a given - but you wouldn't want it any other way!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Wemoto at the Manx Grand Prix

Wemoto are an official partner of The Manx Grand Prix Festival and sponsors of the Jurby Festival this August 2012!

The Manx Grand Prix 

18th August - 2nd September 2012

The Manx Grand Prix is the biggest single spectator attraction on the Isle of Man, after the TT Races. It started in September 1923 when members of the Manx Motor Cycle Club first ran a meeting for amateur racers on the Isle of Man. The 'Amateur TT' as the race became known, was run over five laps, a distance of 188.65 miles. Then in 1973 The Manx Rally was born. Today, after many changes and much evolution, it runs for two weeks and includes races, rallying, a parade lap around the legndary 37.73 mile Mountain Course, a Concourse d’Elegance in Castletown Square and of course the marvellous Festival of Jurby.

A walk with the Gurkhas

Yet again Wemoto staff have been up to something amazing... walking all day and all night to raise money for the Gurkhas!

Some of our team at Wemoto, namely: Lee, Mike the team leader,  Jake and Shane (not Wemoto staff but a friend), started training in November last year to do the Gurkhas night walk from Petersfield to Brighton - a walk which was to take them 26 hours, actually not bad going for 100k stroll...

Here's how it went for them...

Friday, 3 August 2012

How to have an adventure

Lois Pryce - get on your bike and ride...

Here is another inspiring story of someone who goes out on a motorcycle and has proper good old-fashioned adventures! Lois Pryce (recently featured with the legendary Ted Simon on Excess Baggage on Radio 4) started out by getting her motorcycle licence and then, determined to start at the beginning, acquired a 650cc 1963 BSA.  After an initially bumpy ride, Lois gained mastery of her BSA and, like a broken brumby, it came to trot faithfully along and do what it was told. From then on her love of motorcycling grew, evolving into an insatiable desire to go off on a bike and have adventures.  So she did and has written all about them...