Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Dan Kneen at Cadwell Park

Here's how Dan got on at Cadwell Park....

Dan Kneen was at Cadwell park for the Thundersport round on the weekend of 21st-23rd September. The good old english weather kept everyone guessing and the Friday test day started off grim and wet, but the weather improved over the weekend as the racing got under way.  Here's Dan's personal take on the events of that weekend:

"Hi Everyone,

I was at Cadwell Park for the Thundersport round. The weekend hadn't been given a good weather forecast, but it ended up just being the Friday test day that was wet, so on Friday I just had a feel round to see what the conditions were like just in case we had some wet races.

I didn't qualify the best for the Saturday races, but had some good starts and made up for it by winning the 1000 and 600 races which gave me front row starts for the Sunday. My times were falling all the time as well which I was happy with.

Quite tight!


Most of the races were quite tight. I tried a different tyre In one of the big bike races but found that it actually  hindered rather than helped me.

Going into the last lap I was third and I wasn't planning on finishing there, so coming into the mountain on the last lap I realised that I was faster than the others and needed to do something to get past them.  I set up a pass to overtake the two of them, but I hesitated slightly which is probably where I went wrong. I jumped past one and had the run into the woods to take the lead, but I didn't quite get past and was left with nowhere to go so I had to take to the wet grass and I went down!

The bike was slightly damaged but nothing too bad. I was a bit annoyed with myself but I had had a go and this time it just didn't work out.

Teach an old tyre new tricks

I got the bike fixed though and used an old tyre for the last race - I didn't have a new one so I just went with it to see if it would last the distance. It did well though and I took the lead on the penultimate lap and took the win!

Overall I was happy with the weekend."

The Cadwell Round will be televised on Sky,
Motors TV, 9pm Thursday 4th October
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Marks Bloom racer Dan Kneen is sponsored by Wemoto

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