Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Enter Brenta Brake pads!

In the search for great new motorcycle products Wemoto has been over to Italy and discovered a gem in the Italian Frenotecnica factory which manufactures Brenta Brake pads.

Successful from the start

Frenotecnica started off from small beginnings in 1982, as a family run workshop manufacturing motorcycle parts in Italy.  Successful from the start, due to its great workmanship and consistent quality, Frenotecnica soon started to grow and gain a great international reputation.  Over time, Frenotecnica began to manufacture 'Brenta' brake pads, both organic and sintered.

There are not many European manufacturers of motorcycle parts which are able to produced sintered brake pads, so Brenta brake pads are ahead in their field, now with worldwide distribution and Wemoto importing them into the UK.

Quality control

Brenta sintered and organic brake pads are manufactured by experienced engineers to the highest technical specifications, using cutting edge technology and equipment and the best grade constituents. This proves that you don't need to pay premium prices for a quality product, and for evidence of Brenta's consistently high standards, you need only look at their certification - Brenta brake pads are TUV tested and approved for KBA certification.

Wemoto are now offering Brenta brake pads to our discerning customers. So if you want excellent quality organic or sintered brake pads at a sensible price, for on or off-road riding, check them out on our website. 

 Brenta brake pads at Wemoto

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