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AJP - New motorcycles for 2013

Picture the scene, the sun is shining (hard to imagine that at the moment I know but it will happen!) and thoughts are turning to the Spring and the off road fun to be had riding those ruts and trails when the rain, snow and ice has finally stopped. Or if you are already a truly hard core off roader you will have been riding off road all winter and probably went to the Boxing day Wild and Woolly Scramble and the Mablethorpe Beach Race at least this Autumn and Winter.  Or you may not have ridden off road before but fancy getting out in the fresh air and giving it a go for 2013. If any of these applies to you and you are interested in treating yourself to a new off road motorcycle for 2013 then here are a few from AJP that might interest you as you head for the hills once more - and some on road motorcycles for urban use as well...

AJP Motos launched their new models at the NEC Motorcycle Live in December.  AJP say that their approach is based on a 'Keep It Simple' philosophy with bikes which are tough and uncomplicated offering a robust and fun ride.  AJP motorcycles are designed and hand-built in Portugal.

AJP came third in Wales in the 'Dawn To Dusk' Enduro event in 2012 and in the top ten in  'The Tough One'  last year  ('The Tough One' is on this Saturday 12th January 2013 by the way if you fancy heading to Shropshire for an exciting muddy weekend) - so they have a pretty good track record.

If you want to see AJP's full range then have a look at their website but here  are a couple of AJP's latest offerings to whet your appetitie:

The new watercooled PR5 250

This replaces the aircooled model and features a brand new engine. It is a lighter, more powerful bike and has its cylinder-head design done “in house” to give a balance of low down torque and top-end rush.  It retails at £3850.00 for the trail version.



The new 240cc oil/aircooled


This bike is available from February 2013, alongside the existing 200 engine. It packs more power, more torque and has only a marginal weight increase making the 240cc-engined bikes a really fun ride.


The new level 125cc bike, the City Trail

This new motorcycle the City Trail features the new FastAce USD front fork (replacing the Paoli conventional forks of the 2012 models), but has a steel swing-arm and non-linkage shock to keep the price down. Like all AJP motorcycles it is hand-built in  Europe.

Have a go!

If you are interested in off road motorcycling but are inexperienced or a novice and would like to have a go then Trailworld are an associate of AJP motos and offer individuals and small groups the chance to have a go either in Hertfordshire in the UK or in Spain on their fleet of AJP 200 motorcycles.  They match groups depending on experience so you will be with people of a similar skill level if you want to give it a try this is a good safe way to start and learn some skills.  If you are already hooked on off road riding then you can enjoy riding in the beautiful countryside in either the UK or Spain - nice.

Over to you....


If you went off roading in 2012 at any events or just for fun and have any interesting stories or comments about your experiences and some cool pictures we would love to hear and see them, just drop us a comment or contact us through facebook, thank you from Wemoto

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