Thursday, 10 January 2013

BMW Motorcycles - great sales for 2012

BMW have recorded great sales figures for 2012 With a total of 106,358 motorcycles sold - up from 104,286 for the year before.

BMW Motorrad sold more motorcycles in 2012 than ever before in its nearly 90-year history, a pretty impressive fact in what has been a difficult year for many manufacturers economically.

In December, 6,069 Motorcycles were sold worldwide, which reflects an increase of 43.4% over the same month in 2011 (4,232).

Husqvarna alone sold 10,751 motorcycles in 2012 that's 15.8% up on the previous year's figure of 9,286.

Nice to hear about a motorcycle success story, it seems that motorcycles are holding their own in difficult times, perhaps due to their fuel economy, their ability to beat the traffic on overcrowded roads and ease of parking once they get to their destination.

Figures and information from BMW press office


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