Monday, 14 January 2013

Scott Squirrel rides again - en France!

The maiden voyage of the Scott Squirrel - look it's sunny over there!

For  those of you who have been following the story of Andy's globetrotting Scott Squirrel motorcycle and its rebuild in France, where it now lives, here's the latest episode.  After all his hard work (talk about job satisfaction though!) he set off for a ride and here's how it went...

That's what I'm Torque-ing about

Well finally after a week of setting traps for the post-woman bringing my ignition leads, they finally arrived this morning, having been delayed by a customs inspection! Leads fitted, fuel topped up, valium taken, we set off up the lane for a couple of kilometres to a friend's house. I couldn't stop smiling when I got there. The bike is better than I could ever have wished for.  Soooooooo smooth, solid feeling, no vibrations, very torquey motor.

Surprise, no leaks!

The three speed box will take a bit of getting used to. There's a big gap between first and second, and in effect only the top two are needed. I adjusted the amount of anti-freeze in the rad before I set off, and - quelle surprise - no leaks! My friend and his wife were watching as I set off for the return journey, and the old Scott didn't let me down. First kick whilst in that 'semi-warm' stage - to tickle the carb or not? (ask someone over fifty what that is) choke or not? - dilemma!

Safely home - and it's still sunny!



Just a light tickle and she struck up!

Just a light tickle, and she struck up. I had a nice steady ride home, then a few adjustments to make to the clutch and front brake cables. There are two cables on the front brake as it's a double sider. After lowering the gear lever and topping up the oil tank, she was ready to roll again.  The starting procedure is a bit involved on these things from cold - it goes like this: turn on the oil tap (very important) turn on the primary chain oiler tap, fuel on, tickle the carb, set the air lever half way, then with ignition switched on, a long smooth kick, not a jab, and she will start.

Happy Days! 


And after his first ride how did he feel?.....

"It is the first time I have ever ridden this bike myself, the last time I was a passenger on it was forty-five years ago. What an epic day. I am so happy!"

The Scott story How it all started


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  1. Awesome bike (it will be perfect for summmer), looking forward to future updates and more pictures!