Wednesday, 6 March 2013

London to Johannesburg on a Suzuki VanVan motorcycle

On August the 3rd, an epic adventure is beginning.  Will Moore is planning to ride from London to Johannesburg on a Suzuki VanVan motorcycle in aid of the charity for injured servicemen and women, Help for Heroes

Will Moore is setting off from London in August and will be travelling on his trusty 2003 125cc VanVan motorcycle for four to six months (it's not uber fast - but it's faithful!) before his eventual arrival in Johannesburg.  Will is an ex-soldier himself and has been planning and researching his trip for ten weeks so far.

In Will's own words:  

"Ewan Mcgregor and Charley Boorman maybe did the Long way Down. Well, on a 125, I'm doing the Slow Way Down! It is 20,000 kms, across two continents, through nineteen countries, over mountain ranges, across deserts and through vast areas of famine and civil war. All done solo and unsupported"

My Old man said follow the VanVan

After much research, Will decided on a Suzuki VanVan as his steed of choice.  He found one for sale in the New forest and Suzuki Haslemere helped him get it up to peak condition with a bit of tweaking and a few new bits.  Wemoto are sponsoring Will parts for the VanVan and we wish him the best of luck!

If you want to follow Will's progress, then check out his blog:

An Idiot got bored. The slow way down



  1. Thank you very much for featuring this challenge. All in aid of our wounded servicemen. Many of whom have lost limbs. Can everyone pop a couple of quid into the donation pot. Every penny counts.

  2. Will now in Sahara £3000+ raised so far for Help for Heroes!