Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Honda releases new motorcycle Rider Trainer software

At the end of March in Tokyo, Japan, Honda Started to roll-out its updated software for the Riding Trainer, a motorcycle safety training device designed to help motorcyclists to practise safe riding techniques from the safety of a desk.

The new software is designed to train motorcycle riders to foresee and predict the dangers which might be encountered on the road, by providing even more realistic situations and conditions which they might come across and have to deal with while out on their bike.  The idea being that if they have encountered a situation before while using the simulator, it will give them a heads up when they meet a similar situation on the road

Existing Riding Trainer(Personal computer and monitor not included)

A major improvement which is incorporated in this new update is the adoption of fifteen exteriors of actual  motorcycle models and the faithfully recreated meter display and engine sound of each model. There are a variety of models used, including small scooters like the PCX, midsize sports models such as the CBR250R, and large sports models like the CB1100 and VFR1200F.  Additional new features include a function for experiencing advanced braking systems such as the Combined Brake System (CBS), a front- and rear-wheel combination brake system, and Combined ABS, which brings together the CBS and the Anti-lock Brake System (ABS). Initially, Honda plans to roll out the software update to motorcycle dealers who already have the existing Riding Trainer installed.

Home and Away

Overseas sales of the Riding Trainer started in November 2005 at Honda motorcycle dealers across Europe and in February 2006 for Honda motorcycle dealers and other corporations in Japan. Currently there are approximately 5,000 units in use in fifty three countries throughout the world.

As well as rolling this new update out to exisiting dealers, Honda also aims to expand sales of the Riding Trainer so that the system will enjoy more widespread use and demonstrate Honda’s commitment to safety.

Information from the Honda Press Office March 2013


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