Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Spring is here - the Scott motorcycle is out!

Last year we published the story of Andy's Scott motorcycle, its history, how far it had travelled and the brilliant restoration job he had done on it. Well he has just sent us a little update as he has actually managed to find a few minutes of ok weather to take it for a spin on the roads in France where he lives now and here's how it went...

Not deterred by a little rain...

Well after waiting for what seemed like an age for some decent motorcycling weather, I could wait no longer. Our friend Dave had just left to return to home to the Limousin on his TDM850, and I was getting 'itchy feet'!

Nothing for it but to put on the waterproofs and go for it. I drove the first five miles to the petrol station and all went well apart from a very slow gear change. You have to be 'firm but fair' with this bike when you're changing from second to top (only three speeds remember).

I put the fuel in and, right on cue the heavens opened. It was too late to turn back by now, so onwards it was. Forty three Smiths Chronometric miles later we ended up back home, damp but happy. There were no issues to report, apart from a little misfire going round a hairpin bend when the revs dropped very low and with the headlamp on full, I think the alternator was struggling to keep everything alight!  i am going to do a big clean-up and inspection now just for safety's sake.  A very good first run, and at no time did I ever think I would need the mobile phone, (Hello, I've broken down, wife! ) even in the torrential rain.

As Mr Rossi says : I am very 'appy !

I am very 'appy



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