Thursday, 30 May 2013

Interesting Visitors - Suzuki TS250M

Thursday  morning, the sun came out and another interesting motorcycle visitor appeared at Wemoto, so we went out to pester him and take a look at his bike...

This time it was a Suzuki TS250M, beautifully restored and obviously well loved.

I do like to be beside the seaside

This Suzuki TS250M motorcycle is a local South Coast bike which has always lived down here by the sea since it was made in 1976. The current owner,  Jeff Dowsett, has had it for nineteen years and bought it for the bargain price of £250 because it was in a state and needed a lot of TLC to bring it up to its current great condition.  Not a bad purchase as, due to all Jeff's hard work it is now worth abut £3000!

Keep on keeping on

Before he restored it he took advantage of its pretty rubbish condition and took it off roading where it did really well leaving some off road bikes behind on the dirt trails due to its ability to just keep on keeping on...chugging on over the dirt.

When it had accumulated enough mud to last it a lifetime, Jeff started tidying it up.  He had the tank re-sprayed as it was covered in a patina of cracks and couldn't really be restored.  He had it re-chromed and sorted the engine out despite its somewhat unfathomable wiring... and now it runs a treat and looks fantastic.  Jeff uses it for running around on everyday but its off road days are now over as it is too splendid for the roughtie toughtie world of muddy trails these days.

Obviously Jeff's Suzuki TS250M attracted plenty of envious attention here as it stood outside our Wemoto shop and warehouses in the sun and Jeff also has a
Suzuki GS1000 Drag bike which we have taken some pictures of too so look out for the pictures of that one next week.

Oh and he bought the shocks and seat covers for the TS250M from Wemoto - thanks Jeff and see you again soon!


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