Thursday, 23 May 2013

Wemoto at the BMF Show

A tent with a view
Friday morning bright an early and four intrepid Wemoto staff set off for the BMF equipped with: banners, flags, balloons, boards of parts, a truly great racing motorcycle with a fantastic pedigree - the Marks Bloom racing GSXR1000 which has graced and raced the Isle of Man TT course since 2004, Wemoto Jerry's magnificent handmade Coccinella moped, a giant tent, some little tents and an empty space where the Lego bricks should have been.

Peterborough or bust

This was when we still had balloons
After a long uneventful  (apart from serious driver hayfever) drive up from the 'sunny' south coast, the Wemoto team rolled into Peterborough Showground for the BMF Show.  After getting directions from the gate they found the stand and began setting up.

Everything was up and ready by the time the first happy motorcyclists began coming in at about 3pm and after a slowish start on Friday, things picked up for a busy weekend on Saturday and Sunday.  People were genuinely mainly very friendly  and loyal BMF visitors welcomed Wemoto's first appearance at the BMF.

Those nice friendly yellow people from Wemoto
Probably about half had heard of us before and the other fifty per cent seemed genuinely impressed by the number of parts Wemoto has on its database - 920369 pattern parts listed for 11481 motorcycles from before the 1970's to the present - yes we can tell you are impressed and we'll send them to you too!

At least two different people challenged the Wemoto team along the lines of:

"You don't do parts for my Triumph Rocket 111 though do you?" 

...and were pleasantly surprised when the answer was...

"yes we do, we don't just do Japanese bikes but  British, European, American and Chinese as well!"

...And Wemoto's new and very successful BC battery charger drew lots of attention from an admiring public as well....


Oh yes and everyone loved the extremely cool Wemoto balloons - especially this happy customer...

Go dog Go!
Everytime a coconut!

This is before - for after look on the grass under the bouncing dog  - apparently he cried if he wasn't allowed to pop them and no one could say no...aah!  We have more photos, it would make a great flick book....






The motorcycle eye candy and the pesky Lego bricks!

Well the Lego is just coming...
Wemoto also had a free prize draw to enter with a prize of £800's worth of bike parts which got a lot of entries.  There was a terrible moment when the much vaunted extremely hi-tech 'build a bike out of Lego in five minutes' competition was found to have one rather important component missing - the timer? no, the table and chair? no - the Lego....yes...oops!

The Lego must get through...



Luckily one of the Wemoto Directors jumped in the van in Brighton on Saturday, wheeled in a very interesting rare and lovely Honda RC45 which belongs to Wemoto to bring up to the show as eye candy and the pesky forgotten Lego, and did an emergency ' Lego bricks' run up to Peterborough.

Go mopeds go!


Football crazy, or crazy football?

The show was fun - the main arena which was sponsored by Wemoto put on various things over the weekend including motorcycle football with a hopefully reinforced football, moped enduro complete with lovely two-stroke smell but a bit short on corners just a slalom which got a bit overcrowded and caused moped traffic jams.

Jumping for joy
The moped afficionados enjoyed having a look at Jerry's homemade moped on the Wemoto stand, recognising its Puch engine and commenting - not altogether kindly - on his choice of brakes!  The main Arena also had a trials team on and a motorcycle parade.

Jerry's brakes - could stop a juggernaut!








Something for everyone

There were loads of motorcycle clubs from all round the country and something of a 'meeting of the clans feel' to the event - here are just a few of the bikes which were at the Show...


Whether the weather be fine...

The weather, despite dire warnings during the week before, managed to restrain itself, only squeezing out a couple of showers on Friday and even giving out a small amount of sunshine on Monday - we actually brought it up with us from the South coast - hope the BMF appreciated it - took a while to catch us up, but it got there in the end!


The Lego build a bike competition made a lot of people smile - here are the photos of the great masterpieces which were produced - the winner will be judged at the end of the month. Prepare to be amazed the age of great engineering is not dead - Brunel is looking down from somewhere - and smiling!

And here are the 'nearly rans', the concept bikes of the future!

There were a few great attempts which just didn't quite make it off the drawing is apparently a hover bike...

Some kind of very advanced trike
State of the art hover bike

All in all a good time was had by all and it was really nice to see so many motorcyclists enjoying themselves, and to meet so many of our lovely customers in person.



Good Day Sunshine

Wemoto will be at the BMF Tailend Show in September so we really hope to see you all again there - don't worry we'll bring more sunshine to that one!


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